Photo of a ‘Guardian Angel?’

Posted: 19 May 2017 08:46 AM PDT

Photo of a ‘Guardian Angel?’

Little Aasher Liles – who has Down Syndrome – took the remarkable shot by using his mum Kerri’s mobile phone.

The apparition resembles the cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost.

It was only until Kerri took her phone and scrolled through her camera roll to discover the astonishing ghostly figure, which she believes is his “guardian angel”.

She became convinced that the seven-year-old – who cannot speak – had taken this picture while they were on a flight back to Houston, US.

Photographer Kerri wrote on her Facebook page: “We were flying back to Houston from Washington and my seven-year-old, who’s recently become obsessed with taking pictures with our cellphones, wanted to take some pictures out of the window after I had reached across him to take one myself. Read more at Boy, 7, captures incredible photo of ‘guardian angel’ floating outside plane


Author: Marie Yates Taylor

I'm living on the Texas Gulf Coast, where weather quickly changes. I post weather, disaster-related infos I receive, and weather history. And ... much more. Add your stories, and post along with me about your area too. Surviving is all about the public and informed preparedness.

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