Scotland: The Monster of Glamis

Does a real monster live inside the most famous castle in Scotland? Or, if not today, did it in the past? Almost unbelievably, the historical evidence for this is more compelling than one might suspect. What self-respecting Middle Ages castle doesn’t deserve its very own ghost story? And this one involves royalty going all the way up to the Queen Mother herself.


Employee Encounters a Possessed Mannequinn (2 Pics)


While working at the department store Dillard’s located in Florida, an employee noticed something out of the ordinary—as strange things began happening at the store. She believed that one of the mannequins at the store, is possessed by something. One particular mannequin, sits near the front part of one main entrance.

This typically is used to display different dresses on sale. (The department is in the junior section of the store) While working there, they mentioned just how creepy this one mannequin seemed to be. It almost felt like they were being eerily watched by this one mannequin. There are several other mannequins which are used by this department at the store as well.

However, this one seemed entirely different. They had a bad feeling about this mannequin. One night before closing, the lady was straightening a rack of clothes near the mannequin, when they heard a loud scraping type sound. There was only one other employee working that evening and they were downstairs returning a pair of shoes.

What they thought, was either another employee or customer came to drop something off. However, when they turned around, she noticed that the mannequin was facing away from the entrance, instead of towards the door like it normally would be. This certainly puzzled and startled her. She simply refused to go closer until her co-worker returned.

She at first thought she simply imagined that the mannequin moved and her mind was merely playing tricks on her. Then she rationally started thinking that it was always facing the same way. She believed this mannequin was watching her work. It is a typical mannequin, seen in any type of store such as this. It isn’t motorized in any way, but pose able.

This wasn’t the only strange moment, several weeks passed by and the lady came back in to work a morning shift. She discovered the same mannequin inside one of the dressing rooms. She assumed that one of her fellow co-workers had simply placed it there. One of the visual team inspectors came by asking where the mannequin was.

She told them it was in the dressing room. After hearing this, they got angry as the night before this mannequin was dressed for a prom-theme demo display. It had an expensive gown on as well. As this lady asked around, everyone simply denied moving the mannequin. Her heart began to sink into her stomach, she was in complete and utter shock.

One fellow employee named Rebecca said that as she was walking by the mannequin one night, she heard someone hiss,‘Leave.’ She mentioned that the mannequin moved its head as well. But she couldn’t verify it did happen, she thought she imagined it initially. Another incident happened, when a customer was in the store—checking the price tag of the dress the mannequin was wearing.

The customer complained she felt an electrical type of shock. It was strong enough for her to say she had been electrocuted. She shrieked loudly and a manager then approached her, asking her if she was okay and what was wrong. The manager heard the stories of this mannequin but didn’t believe a word of it.

Mannequin with necklace  Later, on one customer had lost a locket while trying on clothes in the store. This young girl was upset about it as her father had given it to her. He had since passed away. Several employees looked around all of the dressing rooms and all around the department. They couldn’t find this locket anywhere.

The young girl then left the store in tears. The lady felt badly for the girl but didn’t know what else to do. The next evening, while she was in the store working she looked over and noticed the locket hanging around the neck of the mannequin. Even more disturbing is that the locket was empty and inside the picture was gone.

I am going to come back and take over a mannequin when I die!

True Story of Evil ~ Rev. Dr Leslie ‘Mary’ Trombly – 2016

True Story Of Evil


Rev. Dr. Leslie “Mary” Trombly

Copyright © 2016


I have an inherited gift of seeing and hearing things that most people don’t. They called it Psychic. I don’t talk about it because I am always belittled over it or called crazy or not believed. Those who know me know that what I see, hear or sense is true because they have experienced it.  Over time it has diminished, but I still get the eerie feeling when something isn’t right. However I never actually believed in Ghosts or spirits. That was quickly changed. They say that those who don’t believe in Spirits soon will. Good or bad though the spirits may be. I, for one, didn’t believe in Ghosts and spirits because I thought once you were dead, you went to either heaven or hell. Definitely not so…for those who do evil. Against my better judgment I bought a small farm on Oxford Court in Oxford Mass in 1970 or 71. The previous owner warned me but I told her I didn’t believe in such things. She told me that if I bought the farm to say out of the cellar. She also reminded me that if I bought her husband’s farm, I would sooner or later believe what she had told me. I wish I had listened to her, because she was right.

I had settled myself and five children in along with my abusive husband into the house. For a while everything seemed okay. About a year and a half later the Hot water heater went in the cellar and my ex-husband told me to go down there and fix it. I told him no and he can do it. He dragged me over to the cellar door and opened and tried to push me down the stairs but I couldn’t budge. Unbeknownst to me at the time I had an angel preventing me from going into the cellar and holding me so I wouldn’t fall down the stairs. My ex was furious and went down to the cellar himself. I was terrified. I could feel the evil when the Cellar door was opened. When my ex came back up his Irish blue eyes were completely black and stayed that way for as long as I could remember until after I divorced him and then his eyes were their Irish blue eyes again. Anyway the opening of that cellar door unleashed whatever was evil in the house and my ex decided to dig up under the barn against my warnings of unleashing more evil. That causes a whole lot of terror for my kids. One night after I had I tucked them into bed, I hear them screaming in utter terror. I bolted up the stairs to see what was wrong. But there at the top of the stairs was the devil himself with cloven hoofs and a monster of a face and ugly distorted body. He laughed at me and told me he had my kids now an I would never have them. He was talking about my four sons. I was terrified. I hear the Lord say to me say the Lord’s Prayer and the Shepherd’s Psalm as you back down the stairs. I did as he said, as I was too terrified to think of anything else.  The Lord then told me to go drink some water and then go back up the stairs and check on the boys. This time I did with my daughter close behind. All four boys were locked in their own closets and there was no way they could have done that! The look of terror on their little d faces was terrifying to me. When I asked them how they ended up in their closets, they all told the same story —a monster carried me over and put me in it. When I asked them what the monster looked like they described the devil in their way the same way I had seen him. My daughter and I stayed with them for a while and said the Lord’s Prayer and the Shepherd’s Psalm and asked the Lord to protect them as they slept each night. They finally fell into a peaceful sleep and they all looked like innocent and sweet little angels. MY ex got in the habit of going into the cellar every day and every day he became more evil. things were happening in the house and I couldn’t take it anymore. I begged God to get me out of it. Finally God found a way to get me out and save my children. I had to trust God for what took place and for the safety of my children until I could have a home for them, but that is another story. Things in that house were totally and undeniably evil. There was so much evil that the children and I were getting hurt and the abuse by my ex had escalated. You could see the evil presences in the house and one of them was an Englishman who had massacred the Native Americans that lived on the land so long ago. In the back yard coral, I could see the spirits of the Indian chief, his wife and baby who sat outside the teepee, while the chief stood. They would be my protectors and warners when my ex would come after me and/or the kids. I thank God for that and I hope they are now at peace. This is a true story, because I lived it.

Thank you for sharing your story, Rev. Mary. (No Profit)

One Wedding Tradition Wards off Evil Spirits

Posted: 30 Nov 2016 04:40 PM PST

Today, when one thinks of weddings they don’t think of evil spirits. Weddings instead are seen as celebrations—happy events.

But one wedding tradition still observed today came about because of an ancient Roman belief. The Romans believed brides had to protect themselves from evil. They thought merriment attracted evil spirits—not to mention rejected grooms.

So a tradition began during this time to assure the bride and groom were protected from demons and angry ex-boyfriends.

All the females in the wedding party dressed the same as the bride. This was to confuse anyone or anything with ill will. It was a trick to keep the wedding couple safe—so they could get through their vows unhindered.

This belief of demonic wedding crashers persisted well into the Victorian era when it finally petered out. At this point brides began to dress more elaborately than the maids in their wedding parties.

What lingers from this protective ritual is the fact bride maids still dress in matching dresses—most of them unflattering.

Source: Seeks Ghosts

Crimes by Vampires

There are many people, who, over the centuries, have imitated vampiric actions through crime. Most of these individuals, who may be titled “real” vampires in popular palance, have manifested symptoms of what psychologists refer to as “hematomania,” a blood fetish, or “clinical vampirism”, a compulsion to consume blood. Psychological and sometimes sexual needs require blood to be met and satisfied. Occasionally, the “vampires” are also known to eat human flesh as well as consume the blood.
Many people with this condition have, presumably, found legal means to satisfy their habits and obtain the blood. A willing donor, or on occasion, the draining and storage of one’s own blood for later use and consumption are two among possible ways these needs might be met. However, there are those that turned to crime and unlawful methods for meeting and satisfying their blood fetish. A few among them have joined the West’s most notorious serial killer list. The vampiric “hematomania” related crime stream was precedented with the career of Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614), who is alleged to have killed more than 600 people for their blood.
As the vampire archetype evolved in popular awareness in the 19th century, the vampire criminal emerged apace. During the twentieth century, a number of vampiric crime reports have surfaced, and of these, a few have become famous. Many other cases however received very little notice.

A listing of some lesser known vampyric crimes:
1861 Martin Dumollard of Montluel, France – Convicted of murdering several young girls whose blood he drank and executed.

1872 Vincenzo Verzeniof Bottanaucco, Italy – Sentenced to life imprisonment in two cases of murder and four of attempted murder. He confessed that drinking the blood of his victims gave him immense satisfaction.

1897 Joseph Vacher of Bourg – While on a walking tour of the country, he killed at least a dozen people and drank their blood from bites in their neck. He was finally captured, convicted, and executed.

1916 Bela Kiss, of Czinkota, Hungary – Following a notice that she had been killed in World War I, neighbors searched her property and found the bodies of 31 individuals, all of whom had been strangled. Each corpse possessed puncture wounds in the neck and had been drained of blood.

1947 Elizabeth Short of Hollywood, California – Murdered and her body dismembered; later examination discovered that her body had been drained of its blood.

1952 Estelita Forencio of Passi, Iloilo Province, the Philippines – Arrested for attempted murder; she bit a number of people and then sucked the blood from their wounds. She said that she had acquired the urge from her husband, and that it came on her at regular intervals.

1959 Salvatore Agron, a 16-year-old resident of New York City – Convicted of several murders that he carried out at night while dresses as a Bela Lugosi-style vampyre; he claimed to be a vampire in court. He was executed for his crimes.

1960 Florencio Roque Fernandez of Manteros, Argentina – Arrested after more than 15 women said someone had entered their bedroom, bit them, and drank their blood.

1969 Stanislav Modzieliewski of Lodz, Poland – Convicted of seven murders and six attempted murders. One witness against him was a young woman he attacked, who pretended to be dead while he drank blood from her. Modzieliewski confessed to thinking that blood was delicious.

1971 Wayne Boden – Arrested for a series of murders that began in 1968. In each case he had handcuffed the victim, raped her, and then bitten her and sucked blood from her breast.

1973 Kuno Hoffman of Nurnburg, Germany – Confessed to murdering two people and drinking their blood and to digging up and drinking the blood of several corpses. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

1979 Richard Cottingham – Arrested for raping, slashing, and drinking the blood of a young prostitute. It was later discovered that he had killed a number of women, in most cases biting them and lapping thier blood.

1980 James P. Riva – Shot his grandmother and drank the blood coming from the wound. He later claimed that he had heard the voice of a vampyre who told him what to do and promised him eternal life.

1982 Julian Koltunor Warshaw, Poland – Sentenced to death for raping seven women and drinking their blood, two of whom he killed.

1984 Renato Antonio Cirillo – Tried for the rape and vampyre-style biting of more than 40 women.

1985 John Crutchley – Arrested for raping a woman whom he had held prisoner, drinking much of her blood. It was later discovered that he had been drinking the blood of more willing donors for many years.

1987 A jogger in San Francisco park was kidnapped and held for an hour in a van while a man drank his blood.

1988 An unknown woman picked up at least six men over the summer in the Soho section of London. After returning home with a victim, she slipped drugs into his drink, cut his wrist and sucked his blood while he was unconscious. The woman was never arrested.

1991 Marcelo da Andrade of Rio de Janeiro – Killed 14 young boys, after which he drank their blood and ate some of their flesh.

1991 Tracy Wigginton of Brisbane, Australia – Convicted of the vampyre murder of Clyde Blaylock. She stabbed him and then drank his blood. Wigginton was a lesbian who claimed to be a vampyre and regularly drank blood from her friends.

Partial List of Sources
Psychopathis Sexualis 12th ed. 1902 by Richard Vonn Krafft Ebing
J. Gordon Melton’s The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead 1994
True Vampires by Sondra London
“Weasle”– many thanks!

The Mothman Museum – Point Pleasant, West Virginia

The great escape.

The 1949 St. Louis Exorcism

Saint Louis University junior Zach Grummer-Strawn has never seen Exorcist [Blu-ray]alt the 1973 horror film considered one of the finest examples of unadulterated cinematic terror. He’s only vaguely familiar with the month long 1949 demon-purging ritual at his school on which the film and William Peter Blatty’s 1971 novel were based.

But just in time for Halloween, Jesuit scholars have joined a whole new generation of horror buffs in St. Louis to recount the supernatural incident. The university hosted a panel discussion Tuesday on the exorcism, which involved the treatment of an unidentified suburban Washington, D.C., boy. About 500 people crammed into Pius XII Library, with some spilling into the library aisles, leaning against pillars or sitting on desks.

“I’d like to believe it’s the real thing,” said Grummer-Strawn, a theology and sociology student from Atlanta. “But you just can’t know. That’s part of why we’re here. It’s the pursuit of truth. And it’s such a great story.”

The university scholars and guest speaker Thomas Allen, author of a 1993 account of the events at the school’s former Alexian Brothers Hospital, emphasized that definitive proof that the boy known only as “Robbie” was possessed by malevolent spirits is unattainable. Maybe he instead suffered from mental illness or sexual abuse – or fabricated the entire experience.

Like most of religion’s basic tenets, it ultimately comes down to faith.

“If the devil can convince us he does not exist, then half the battle is won,” said the Rev. Paul Stark, vice president for mission and ministry at the 195-year-old Catholic school. He opened the discussion with a prayer from the church’s exorcism handbook, imploring God to “fill your servants with courage to fight that reprobate dragon.”

Some of the non-students in the audience spoke of personal connections to an episode that has enthralled generations of St. Louis residents.

One man described living near the suburban St. Louis home where the 13-year-old boy arrived in the winter of 1949 (his Lutheran mother was a St. Louis native who married a Catholic). Another said she was a distant cousin of Father William Bowdern, who led the exorcism ritual after consulting with the archbishop of St. Louis but remained publicly silent about his experiences – though he did tell Allen it was “the real thing.”
Bowdern died in 1983.

Bowdern was assisted by the Rev. Walter Halloran, who unlike his colleague spoke openly with Allen and expressed his skepticism about potential paranormal events before his death a decade ago.

“He talked more about the boy, and how much he suffered, and less about the rite,” Allen said. “Here was a scared, confused boy caught up in something he didn’t understand.

“He told me, ‘I simply don’t know,’ and that is where I leave it,” the author added. “I just don’t know.”

Allen zealously protects the anonymity of “Robbie,” despite others’ efforts to track him down to this day.

Gary Mackey, a 59-year-old accountant who left work early to attend the campus event, said he also is unsure whether “The Exorcist” was a work of fiction or instead a riveting real-life account of barely comprehensible forces.

He does know this: He cannot forget the movie that he saw with a buddy four decades ago. They drove 100 miles from their home in Louisville, Ky., to the nearest theater showing it across the state line in Cincinnati.

“I saw the movie when I was 19 years old and it scared me to death,” Mackey said. “I think it’s the scariest movie ever made.” – AOL

The Devil Came to St. Louisalt

POSSESSED: The True Story of An Exorcismalt