Hotel Security Investigate Horrible Screaming From An Empty Room – Marriott Hotel

Great point, I never thought of a demon….come to think of it, those screams didn’t sound human.
Who would lock a demon in a hotel room?  weird!

On 7/10/2013 3:29 PM, Marie Taylor wrote:
I have determined this demon could not get out of this room by itself. I’d look toward the last occupant. The one who ‘stayed’ the demon there, inside the room, by barrier.
Seems the demon did everything possible to bring someone there with the purpose of opening the door. Once the door was opened, he was out and gone that fast.
Slippery, sneaky, schemeing, destructive, yeah, all that.
And free at last again. (grrr!)

OMG that hot room is really scary…

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