My Paranormal Influences – Pow-Wows Long Lost Friend

Posted: 02 Aug 2013 11:16 AM PDT

A few days ago, I received an email from a reader who wanted to know what influenced me to become interested in the paranormal. There have been a number of unusual episodes that I can recall, but the following narrative probably sums up my story the best. The esoteric and paranormal influences in my life were a bit more unusual than most. My descendants (who came to America, at Philadelphia, in 1734) were Ana-Baptists from Switzerland…better known in the New World as the Amish. I am the 11th generation of my descendant Ulrich Strickler, who fled the reformation and persecution. The original family homestead in Springettsbury Township, York Co. PA is recorded at the National Register of Historic Places As more German-speaking people moved into Pennsylvania, Old World folk-healing was established within the Pennsylvania Dutch / High German communities. The practice was known as ‘Pow-Wow’. The well-known ‘hex signs’ (Speilwerk) on Amish barns are Pow-Wow symbols used to deter evil spirits. Somewhat similar to HooDoo Conjure, Root Work and Magick, Pow-Wow is deeply associated with the Bible…especially the Old Testament. Most of the better known healing spells and folk magic are in John George Hohman’s 1820 German-American magical receipt-book named Pow-Wows or Long Lost Friend Another resource used is the The Sixth and Seventh Books of MosesThough ‘Pow-Wow is illegal to practice under Pennsylvania State Law…be assured, it is still used. My family had deep religious beliefs and prescribed to the long held symbols and customs. Though I’m not a religious person, I am spiritual and continue to keep ‘The Long Lost Friend‘ near me. It’s my version of a ‘talisman’ and reminds me of the healing sessions I witnessed as a boy. The 1988 film Apprentice to Murder was based on a true story attributed to a great uncle (portrayed by actor Donald Sutherland) who practiced Pow-Wow in southern Pennsylvania. Paranormal activity has been a part of me all my life. I have always had some psychic sensitivity but lacked the knowledge to properly use it. But one important event forced me to further examine my spirituality and how I would regard life here and beyond. I have posted the following event previously, but it was the greatest influence in my spiritual life. In 1977, it was confirmed that my great Aunt Lydie was suffering from lung cancer. The prognosis was not good and the doctors stated that she had very little time to live despite the fact that her illness didn’t slow her down. After a stint in the hospital, she returned home and continued her normal routine. Lydie was my mother’s aunt, my grandfather’s sister and would always open her home and kitchen to the family. The fact is that she practically raised my mother since my grandparents both worked. Her and my uncle owned a well-kept home in the south central Pennsylvania countryside that was surrounded by cornfields and woodlands. When I was a boy, I would take long hikes along the dirt roads as well as hunt for squirrel and deer in their woods. When I’d return to the house, my aunt would have a big hug and food on the table. I was very close to my Aunt Lydie. I had been married to my first wife about a year and was living outside of Baltimore, MD. My mother also lived in Maryland but about 15 miles from me. The family kept daily contact with Lydie and we all continued to visit her to make sure the house was maintained even though we lived an hour away. Lydie seemed resilient and didn’t let her illness get her down.

One late night, my wife and I were in bed asleep when ‘something’ woke me. I rolled on my back, opened my eyes and noticed that the room seemed to be illuminated somehow. By that time, my wife had also awaken and was wondering aloud as to why the room had lightened. We sat up and looked around the room in amazement. I was just about to get out of bed to check on my baby daughter when suddenly, a white billowy apparition started to materialize by the foot of the bed. The form was about 5 feet in height and continued to take a distinct form. Little by little, the spectre developed into the likeness of my Aunt Lydie. As I looked at the apparition’s face, I could see the mouth and eyes moving. It looked directly at me as it seemed like it was trying to tell me something. Both arms started to raise as if it wanted to hug me…the same way my Aunt Lydie would do when I’d walk through her kitchen door. My wife was motionless, shocked and scared out of her mind! She jumped out of bed and ran into my daughter’s bedroom, slamming the door behind her. By this time, the apparition started to dissipate and was completely gone after a few seconds. I sat on the bed utterly astonished. Honestly, this wasn’t the first ghost or phantom I had seen but it definitely was the most unforgettable. Then it struck me…my Aunt Lydie was dead. I looked at the alarm clock which read 2:33am. Just then, the telephone on the nightstand started to ring. I picked up the receiver and it was my mother calling. “Lon…don’t get upset. But, did you see Lydie?” I acknowledge to her that I had. She continued, “Well, Mom (my grandmother) called me and said Lydie had come to say goodbye to her and Daddy (my grandfather).” Well, by this time, I was totally freaked out. The fact that we all lived in separate locations many miles apart and that the spectre of my Aunt Lydie had visited us at the same time was mind boggling…at least to this, then, 20 year old. In the morning we were told that my aunt had been rushed to the hospital a little after 2:00am and had died in the emergency room at 2:27am after suffering a massive stroke. This incident really opened my eyes and encouraged me to take a serious look at paranormal field work. Since that time, I have experienced a plethora of strange and unexplained phenomena…and I still have an overwhelming desire to find the answers. Lon



The History of Illinois’s Haunted McPike Mansion (Pic)

Tucked away in the southwest corner of Illinois, not far from St. Louis, lies the town of Alton. Considered one of the ‘most haunted small towns in America’ Alton has no shortage of ghost stories and haunted places. One of the best known is the McPike Mansion.

The Italianate-Victorian style building looms over citizens of Alton from atop the highest point of the town, Mt. Lookout. Nestled among contorted oak trees, McPike Mansion ranks as one of the most haunted buildings in the state. The structure has been featured on two television shows, ‘Scariest Places on Earth’ and ‘Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.’

mcpike mansion  The three-story red brick building was erected in 1869 for Henry McPike and his family. McPike was a local businessman and horticulturist. He served as mayor of Alton for three years and developed the nationally known McPike grape. With its 16 rooms and vaulted wine cellar, the McPike Mansion was one of the largest and most extravagant private dwellings in Alton at this time.

The mansion’s next owner was Paul Laichinger. During his time in the home, Mr. Laichinger rented out rooms to boarders. Soon, these tenants began to experience strange events that could not be explained. Some of these occurrences involve the sounds of children playing and laughing together when there were no children on the grounds.

After Laichinger’s death in 1945, the property sat vacant. Weather and trespassers helped to turn the dwelling from elegant to menacing. The rusting iron fence, broken windows, dilapidated structure and graveyard made passersby intrigued and fearful. Reports of faces looming in the windows began to surface.

In 1994, the McPike Mansion was purchased by Sharyn and George Luedke. Their hope is to restore the building to its former glory and allow it to serve as a bed and breakfast or a historical attraction. Within six weeks, Mrs. Luedke had her first experience. She was gardening in the front yard when she looked up to see a strange man staring at her from the window. He soon disappeared, but not before she was able to take note of his attire. Later, while researching the history of the mansion, Mrs. Luedke was startled as she came across a photo of previous owner Paul Laichinger wearing the same outfit as the man in the window.

Since then, McPike Mansion has hosted numerous psychics and mediums. Many have felt the presence of the McPike family and other residents of the estate. Sharyn Luedke herself believes the ghost of not only Paul Laichnger, but also of servant girl Sarah Wells roam the halls. Her lilac perfume can still be smelled in the attic.

Other experiences include light orbs that appear in photos, sensations of being touched, pacing footsteps and vanishing objects. Some of these have been caught on film. The most active room in the house is the wine cellar. Here a mysterious mist appears and seems to follow visitors as the move around the basement. A bulky metal door leading to the area scraped across the floor as it moves on its own.

For thrill seekers and skeptics alike, the Luedke’s invite guests to traverse the house and grounds. Tours are available and for those who really want to immerse in the experience, annual campouts are held.

video and map here:

Is Black Star Canyon the Most Powerfully Haunted Spot in California? (9 Pics)

Black Star Canyon, located in Orange County in the trail-filled Santa Ana mountains, has seen a lot of death. A lot of blood. And today, a lot of ghosts. Black Star Canyon is an important archaeological site, as the main source of artifacts of the local members of the Shoshone American Indian tribe.

Black Star Canyon Ghost and bridge into darkness and flickr/3amfromkyoto

Back in the 1800s, though, the Shoshone were a source of much conflict. The native people fought hard against what they saw as encroachment by the Spanish, and later by American trappers and settlers.

According to historians and reviews by California psychics, more blood has been spilled in this small canyon than in any other part of the Santa Ana Mountains. That’s a dubious honor to hold, and it’s one reason why Black Star Canyon is so very haunted.

Black Star Canyon History and Paranormal Activity

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Black Star Canyon Hauntings

Black Star Canyon Ghost Orbs

Photo credit:

Even after the Shoshone were long gone, at least from our physical plane, a dark influence seemed to remain over the site.

In the fading days of the Wild West, Black Star Canyon was the scene of multiple gruesome murders.

Today, the place is renowned as one of the most psychically active areas in Southern California.

Countless ghost huntersparanormal investigators, and local explorers have braved the darkness of a night in the Canyon.

Many of them have returned alive.

Some have not. In 2015 a woman spoke to a medium, widely considered to be one of the best psychics online, and asked if it was safe to visit the canyon on her own. The psychic answered her question truthfully, telling her to stay away as she would only find fear and sadness. According to the woman’s friend, she didn’t heed the advice. And after visiting, she was never heard from again.

There is so much history and lore surrounding this place, from the Shoshone to the murders, to the spirits that stalk it today, that all warnings should be taken seriously.

Something Spotted at Black Star Canyon

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War in Black Star Canyon

The first of many conflicts with the native Shoshone people occurred in 1831.

Historical accounts tell of an outright battle between a group of American fur trappers and a war party of Shoshone.

The event would come to be known as the Black Star Canyon Indian Massacre.

The trappers were certain that the Shoshone had been stealing horses from the local Spanish ranchos, and perhaps they were.

In those days, Los Angeles was firmly a territory of Spain.

Spanish ranchers worked the land, raising horses and growing crops. They did not typically welcome Americans.

Warning Sign at Black Star Canyon

Photo credit: flickr/notfrisco

Eager to ingratiate themselves to the Spaniards, the trappers gathered their rifles and followed the trail of the horse thieves.

Coming across a camp in the Black Star Canyon area known as Hidden Ranch, they quickly dropped to the ground to plan.

The camp was old, with signs that the Shoshone had been using the site for years, maybe generations.

There were no women or children present, thankfully, for the trappers meant to leave no prisoners.

A surprise attack was in order.

Opening fire from the ridge above the camp, the trappers killed one Shoshone after another.

The Shoshone, for their part, were armed with bows and a few Spanish blunderbusses, antique even in the day.

They didn’t stand a chance. Not a single American was harmed, and the Shoshone suffered terrible losses.

The few who escaped swore vengeance for their fallen brothers.

They must not have realized the plethora of psychic powers such an oath can hold over one’s spirit.

Or perhaps they did.

Eerie fog enveloping Beeks Place at Black Star Canyon

Photo credit: photobucket/thinkcrazy576

Yet More Bloodshed in Black Star Canyon

Over 50 years later, in 1899, another murder took place at Hidden Ranch.

This one would have dire consequences for all involved.

And perhaps, consequences of a haunted nature for modern visitors.

At this point, the Spanish ranchers were gone.

The area had been settled by Mexican and American homesteaders, who did not always get along.

This particular murder, though, was committed by one American family upon another.

The Hungerfords and the Greggs were two horse ranching families in the area, who came to deadly blows.

A simple dispute over the price of a horse ended in a bona fide shootout with shotguns and pistols.

The sole casualty, James M. Gregg, died after being shot with multiple loads of birdshot and buckshot.

The fighting ceased as everyone realized what they had done.

Choosing not to become fugitives, the Hungerfords rode into town and turned themselves in to the local sheriff.

Murder was infrequent in the area, and the trial became the sort of public spectacle usually associated with another famous Southern California case.

After much legal maneuvering, the case was thrown out of court after Henry Hungerford was found guilty, but before he was sentenced.

Public opinion was that the Judge’s campaign for political office had something to do with it, and he was soon relieved of his position.

It seems that this wasn’t quite enough justice for poor Gregg, though, as he has clearly stuck around.

Makeshift Camp at Black Star Canyon

Photo credit: photobucket/thinkcrazy576

Ghosts of Black Star Canyon

Black Star Canyon, therefore, is home to not one but two strong sources of paranormal activity.

Battlefields, with their high concentration of suffering and death, are almost always haunted to some degree.

The tormented spirits of the soldiers who fell in battle tend to stay on our plane.

Dying in battle is the very definition of unfinished business.

The Shoshone warriors were seeking to return home to their families, and now they never will.

But they will keep trying.

And if they should come across living souls who remind them of their killers, they’re likely to be quite unhappy.

And then, much later, there was the unjust and unpunished murder of James M. Gregg.

In death as in life, people cannot abide a criminal who gets away with his crime.

It is commonly accepted among Orange County paranormal enthusiasts that Gregg still stalks the landscape, seeking to punish those responsible.

Of course, those responsible are long dead. Gregg must be very frustrated.

Frustrated spirits can be very dangerous.

They may take out their frustrations on just about anyone.

Creepy shack in the fog at Beeks Place at Black Star Canyon

Photo credit:

Paranormal Events Today in Black Star Canyon

These days, Orange County embraces the haunted history of Black Star Canyon.

Local newspapers do stories on the place every Halloween, and ghost campouts and haunted hikes are scary fun for all.

Not the famous wind of Black Star Canyon.

The Canyon is eerily silent. It’s almost dead quiet, and one can hear a pin drop.

Until, that is, the wind starts.

Sudden gusts of wind wail and howl through the canyon, shockingly loud and seeming to come from all around.

Although any traditional scientist will be happy to explain how the shape of the canyon amplifies and focuses the wind, there is another explanation.

It’s the screams of the Shoshone. It’s the murderous howls of James M. Gregg.

It could be both, of course. Ghosts have been known to affect the mortal world in very subtle ways, indeed.

There are other tales of Black Star Canyon, as well.

Everyone from criminals to cultists have been drawn to the area’s dark energy.

It’s not unheard of to find the remains of a black magic ritual, complete with pentagram and a sacrifice.

EVP activity is very strong in the area, and spending a little time with a digital recorder can yield a great deal of information.

Paranormal Entity

Photo credit: flickr/3amfromkyoto

Visual recordings are a bit more difficult, as the local spirits have learned to tamper with the flash mechanism on even modern phones.

Being ghosts from a somewhat more recent time than most, it’s likely they are aware of what the camera is and what it represents.

Separate from the truly paranormal, some cryptids have even been spotted in the area.

One local explorer swears to have seen Bigfoot four times over the course of his Black Star Canyon adventures.

He’s the proud owner of a plaster cast that he took himself of a footprint.

It’s 18 inches long.

Other stories, though less often told, include the ghost of a homeless man who ventured into the canyon and was himself felled by the spirits.

It’s difficult to say which of these have a grain of truth and which are wholly fabricated.

Regardless, one thing is clear.

Whatever your interests in the spooky and the macabre, Black Star Canyon is a location not to be missed.

There really is something for everyone there.

As long as you don’t mind sharing the space with 50 deceased Shoshone warriors, Bigfoot, and a very unfortunate horse rancher.

Directions to Black Star Canyon

Looking for some ghostly thrills? Then Black Star Canyon is for you. But first, you need to know how to get there.

So Click Here To Get Directions To Black Star Canyon.

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Florida: A Ghostly Message in the Bradenton Burial Grounds (2 Pics)

In 1925, two gentlemen by the names of Harry Kellim and George Thacker purchased twenty-seven acres of land in what is now Bradenton, Florida. The land became dedicated as a burial ground, and the two men had many plans to expand and grow their services.

This graveyard in Bradenton, Florida is home to a benevolent spirit who loves to share good news.


By 1945, a crematory was added, and by 1957 Harry Kellim’s widow purchased sixteen additional acres and built a funeral home and a cremation garden lined with beautiful orange trees.

Ghost Girl in the Bradenton Cremation Gardens

Today, Manasota Memorial Park is considered one of the most beautiful burial and cremation parks in the area. For Florida native, Kara, it is the only place she’s ever imagined as being her final resting place. Diagnosed with a rare strain of cancer, Kara became convinced that her death would be soon and at too young of an age.

“It sounds incredibly morbid now, but I was getting steadily worse a few months back, and something deep inside me told me it would be wise to prepare for the end,” she said, with a deep and unsure shrug. “I would come to Manasota Park and walk around amongst the headstones and the in the cremation garden.”

“It was beautiful and peaceful there, in a quiet and unusual way…it’s hard to articulate. At the time, I was visiting the park multiple times a week, and had included being buried there in my legalized will. …But everything changed one Monday night.”

A Strange Interlude

Ghost Girl in the Bradenton Cremation Gardens


“It was late, and Manasota had already technically closed to visitors. Autumn was in full swing and a harvest moon made the entire cemetery fairly bright and easy to see,” Kara said. “I had rounded a corner and came to an area in the park where several benches line the trail, facing the headstones.

“And seated on a bench was a full bodied apparition of a young girl! I stopped and blinked a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating,” Kara said with a soft laugh. “She was wearing a brightly colored sundress—far too thin a dress for the crisp, fall night.

“Her hair was tucked into a long braid down her back… And the strangest thing was that I knew she could sense me, but she had her back turned to me, and I couldn’t see her face. ’Hello Kara,’ the girl said to me in a rather singsong voice.

“I immediately thought that this girl was somehow an angel, meant to aid me in my approaching final days,” Kara whispered. ‘Are you…are you my guardian angel?’

“The ghost girl laughed, all the while still not turning to look at me. ’No, no silly…I was told you had become rather gloomy,’ she added, teasingly.

“’Actually I am here on behalf of your grandmother…she thought if you saw her, you would faint on the spot,’ the girl giggled.

‘My-my grandmother?’

“’Yes,” the girl nodded, still looking out towards the park. ‘She asked me to appear before you to tell you that you need to stop being so gosh darn melancholy.’

‘And that you’re going to be living a lot longer, despite your absurd beliefs.’

“I swallowed a few times, trying to process what this strange spirit was telling me,” Kara said, at a loss. “’You mean…I’m not dying?’ I asked, feeling a hope bubble up inside of me. “The girl shook her head, her braid jerking back and forth.

“’Not for a long, long while,’ the girl said, and I could hear a smile in her voice. My family still owns my grandmother’s home in Bradenton, and I think I found my young visitor in one of her old scrapbooks,” Kara said with a smile. “I’ve been making big plans since that amazing, fateful night.”

9 Best (and Haunted) Texas Oceanfront Restaurants That Are Guaranteed To Spook You (10 Pics)

When it comes to food, the Lone Star state cuts no corners. From deliciously spicy chili to large tantalizing grilled meats, there’s something to appease even the finickiest palate. And if you visit one of the oceanfront restaurants in Texas, you can indulge in seafood while surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico. But there may be one more thing that these restaurants don’t usually advertise: ghosts.


Sharon Jones/flic

Because of the bloody history of the coastal region, many spirits haunt it. And if you’re anywhere near the following nine supposedly haunted restaurants, you can expect to experience the paranormal or see a ghost.

The 9 Best Oceanfront Restaurants in Texas to Eat at and See a Ghost

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9) Charlotte Plummer’s Seafare Restaurant, Fulton

Charlotte Plummer's Seafare Restaurant in Fulton, Texas

joey s./yelp

Serving the freshest seafood since the mid-1970s, Charlotte Plummer’s Seafare Restaurant is a local favorite. It’s especially famous for fried shrimp, seafood gumbo, and authentic hush puppies. Further enhancing the food’s flavor is the beautiful view of the Rockport marina.

There may be something else this restaurant has to offer. And it’s definitely not on the menu: a ghostly entity.


Jerry Jones/flickr

A group of tourists, which included two California psychics, started screaming because they saw a child jump from the docks. One woman ran outside and jumped into the water behind him. But she couldn’t grab the child or see his body anywhere in the water.

Since no one else saw him, no one believed her. But a thorough search by paranormal investigatorsrevealed that she may have seen a ghost. Maybe you can prove her right if you too see him at Charlotte Plummer’s Seafare Restaurant.

8) Sharky’s Waterfront Grill, Kingwood

Sharky’s Waterfront Grill in Kingwood, Texas

Sharky’s is a local favorite for fresh seafood lovers. Also famed for its Great White Shark Burger and Whale Shark Sundae, it’s a great place to take the whole family. You can even go alone to enjoy the spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico as you treat your palate to the restaurant’s offerings.

But only venture there if you think you can handle seeing an apparition.

A few people who visited Sharky’s claim that they saw the ghosts of soldiers stumble around the restaurant. Considering how the Gulf of Mexico is the permanent home of several WWII wreckages, there may be some truth to these claims.

7) The Spot, Galveston

The Spot in Galveston, Texas

If you’re in Galveston, you can’t afford not dropping by The Spot. This popular hangout is famous for its lightly fried shrimp served on homemade po-boy bun. You can also head to one of the bars or dessert parlor located on the same property.

While taking in the wonderful views of the Gulf of Mexico, however, never forget you’re on an extremely haunted island.

If the stories are true, the Spot may also have a few ghosts of its own.

Though none of the ghosts have revealed themselves, a few diners have experienced cold spots. The ghosts have also played pranks on patrons, messing with their electronic devices or hiding their things. So, if your things go missing for some time, you can probably suspect The Spot’s resident spirits.

6) Flying Dutchman, Kemah

Flying Dutchman in Kemah, Texas

flying dutchman/yelp

The Flying Dutchman at the Kemah Boardwalk is one of the exciting oceanfront restaurants in Texas. Not only do you get to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf coast, you can dig in fresh seafood and Cajun dishes. Another aspect that makes this restaurant exciting is the possibility of running into the spirit of a dead girl.

According to a couple who visited it in 2012, they heard soft taps on the window behind them. They turned to look outside and saw a little girl in an outdated pink dress. The child smiled their way and ran off.

Resuming their conversation, they heard taps again after five minutes. The child laughed when they looked her way and ran away. She repeated this two more times. The fifth time they heard the taps, no one was there. The tapping continued. Only this time, it was done by an invisible hand.

5) Boathouse Bar & Grill, Corpus Christi

Boathouse Bar & Grill in Corpus Christi Texas


Located on Padre Island, the Boathouse Bar & Grill promises a mouthwatering menu which you can enjoy in the waterfront patio. There are also four full bars that serve signature margaritas, wine, and a selection of beers.

What you may not know is that there are other types of spirits in this restaurant.

While at the Boathouse’s bar, few people report seeing a young woman standing against the wall. She would watch everyone without interacting with them.

A college student spotted her once and decided to talk to her. She continuously glared at him before walking through the wall behind her.

Though you may not get to see her, you’ll still go home with a full belly and great memories courtesy of the Boathouse Bar & Grill.

4) Redfish Willie’s, Aransas Pass

Redfish Willie’s Aransas in Pass, Texas

An award-winning restaurant, Redfish Willie’s is renowned for seafood, pasta, and Cajun dishes. The waterfront grill offers pavilions where friends and families can gather to enjoy a meal with a view. You can also listen to live music as you dig in over the weekend.

While you’re there, though, you may want to check under the table from time to time.

The spirit of a mischievous boy reportedly plays pranks on diners. According to one, he was surprised when he felt something touch his leg. When he looked under the table, he saw a boy laugh and tip his hat. The boy then disappeared in front of his eyes.

Another story tells how the boy tied the shoelaces of another diner and laughed when he tripped. But, apparently, it was the man’s fault as he had scolded him and told him to get out from under his table. So, don’t antagonize Redfish Willie’s ghost unless you want to become his next prank’s victim.

3) Pier 99 Restaurant, Corpus Christi

Pier 99 Restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas

jim allen/flickr

Famous as the largest patio on the water in the coastal bend, Pier 99 is one of the more popular oceanfront restaurants in Texas. It offers great views of the water and the USS Lexington from the deck. The menu is also designed to please every palate. From burgers to seafood, you’ll definitely find what you want.

There’s more to Pier 99 though. According to some diners, the place is haunted by a native Indian ghost.

Possibly one of the Karankawa Indians who lived on this beach, the ghost keeps a close watch on the diners. According to one, she believed the ghost was a statue until she saw his eyes follow him. When she asked the waiter about it, he told her that there was no such statue on the property. Unsure what to make of it, she consulted several of the best phone psychics she knew and they all agreed: the spirit of a dead native lives on the premises.

If you do see this ghost during your visit to the restaurant, just remember to be respectful.

2) Mikel May’s Beachside Bar & Grill, Corpus Christi

Mikel May’s Beachside Bar & Grill in Corpus Christi, Texas

edward m./yelp

At Mikel May’s, it’s always vacation time. The sports bar and grill overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, offering great views of the water. You can also enjoy affordable yet delicious entrees, such as crab and shrimp nachos and steak sandwich.

But what the brochures won’t tell you is that Mikel May’s Beachside Bar & Grill may be haunted.

Over the years, especially during football season, diners claim seeing the ghost of an elderly man. He would intently watch the TV and shout whenever his team lost. A woman claims that he hurled the salt shaker at the bartender during the last Super Bowl.

So, if you’re ever at the bar and you notice a deathly pale old man watching the TV, consider steering away from his path.

1) Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant, Galveston

komissarovGaido’s Seafood Restaurant in Galveston, Texas_a/flickr

Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant is famous for blending southern deep-frying with Southwest open-flame grilling and Creole flavors. It prides itself on its personal service and freshest seafood, two of many factors that make it The Coastal Classic.

But there may be one more reason Gaido’s has remained consistent: the watchful eye of its ghostly founder.

Several diners claim S.G. Gaido dropped by their table to ask them how the food and service was. One diner wrote that Guido tried taking his plate away when he said the food was a little dry. But he became frustrated when he couldn’t pick up the plate and apologized before disappearing into thin air.

The Dark Paranormal Energy Inside This Sonoma Valley Barn Is Strong Enough To Make You Cry (2 Pics)

Somewhere along the numerous vineyards and wineries that can be found in Sonoma Valley stands anabandoned barn that stores such a strong paranormal force that those who have somehow ended inside it wish to never be near it again.

Sonoma Valley in Sonoma County, California

locke vincent/flickr

What exactly is happening in this old Sonoma Valley barn?

The Awful Presences That Inhabit The Barn

Located in the southeast part of Sonoma County, California, Sonoma Valley is historically known as the place of birth of the Californian wine industry, a land where most of the oldest and notable wineries of the state reside, some of these being over a hundred and fifty years old.

Sonoma Valley is also residence to at least two State Historic Parks, a Botanical Garden and several other places that still preserve many centuries of history.

What most of the tourists ignore is that this California valley is also home to a barn that might have once been used for farming but is now long forgotten and, seemingly, inhabited by a strong and terrifying supernatural presence that will bring those who enter it to tears, if they are brave enough not to scream.

It is not known what could have happened to make its former owners walk out of it. Some locals dare to say it is likely that the paranormal energy itself might have forced them to leave, although there is no possible way to prove this as it happened several decades ago.

What the rumor holds is that the dark and sinister presence that once took over the barn only grows stronger and more menacing with time.

Threatening Paranormal Forces In Sonoma Valley

You can hear the cries of these children inside the barn.

gothically insane/facebook

No one is certain of what inhabits the barn: all that the few people that have dared to go in affirm is that it is evil and it does not have good intentions or want you there at all.

A young woman that was driving through the Valley with two other friends found herself going inside the barn after the others insisted in checking it out.

“We saw it from a distance, standing there so ghastly in such a beautiful valley. Of course the boys wanted to go in. I refused at first, but waiting alone in the car wasn’t much of a better option. It seemed to me that the sky clouded up around us, if that’s possible”, the woman details.

Once she went inside, a gloomy feeling took over, and the air turned heavy. “The door shut behind us, and there were still cracks on the walls that let the light come in, but we felt immediately trapped. None of us gave another step. There were presences with us, several of them. And they were not the good kind”.

“Suddenly, we heard a baby crying in the darkness”, she remembers with a frightened expression on her face. “That did it for all of us, we ran for the door and managed to get in the car and drive away. A few miles later, I broke into tears. It still gives me goose bumps, the memory. I would have never forgiven the boys for that if it weren’t because I saw they were pale and terrified themselves”

She finishes, “There are some places you really don’t want to go in at all, and that Sonoma Valley barn is definitely one of them!”

Haunted Santa Barbara: Insidious Apparition Lingers At This Park (2 Pics)

In the southeast part of Santa Barbara, the largest privately-funded park in the United States – Elings Park – sits sprawled across the cityscape.  Whether it’s hiking or playing sports, running around on the playground equipment or just enjoying beautiful landscaping that gets your motor running, you can be assured that Elings Park is going to have it all for you.  Just make sure that you leave before dark, because sometimes things get a little spooky after nightfall…

Real Santa Barbara Ghost: Insidious Apparition Lingers Long After You Leave This Park


Those who have seen her call her Queen Maab, after the Shakespeare line of course.  If the local rumors and the stories of those from elsewhere who have spent any length of time in the park are true, she comes outas the sun is setting each night, and wanders the park like a shadowed breeze.  She is the spirit queen of the realm, a dark and beautiful woman whose presence lingers long after you have run away in terror.

The Ghostly Woman Walks The Lonely Paths Of Elings Park At Night

This Queen Maab has been known to whisper details of her life, and sometimes a visitor will hear what he or she at first assumes to be a breath of wind blowing through the trees, but which will carry with it the resonant vibrations of chilling words. Unlike so many restless spirits, who wander the earth after they have perished (often at the hands of another), Queen Maab seems to be paying some sort of penance for her own act of murder.

Whispers are all the details she gives, and the rare person who hears them generally does not have enough information from which to extrapolate the whole story, but it is safe to say that she suffers from guilt over something she did in her earthly life.

Her Haunted Eyes Tell A Story Of Sorrow And Fear

The Ghostly Woman Walks The Lonely Paths Of Elings Park At Night


“In the old days,” says one man, whose native forebears left the area over a century ago, but who came back and resettled their roots within the past twenty years or so, “it was understood by my people that the woman was to be left alone.  That she carried the sorrow of her deeds, and that for one reason or another she was doomed to carry it alone.  There were no thrill-seekers trying to make her come out at night, or trying to get her to release the secrets that she carries to the wind.

“If anything, people didn’t want to know, because whatever it was that had her so troubled might be visited in some way upon you if you were to pry it out of her.  People today may be smart, but they seem to lack the wisdom that members of my tribe once had in the long ago.  It would be best for everyone if they left her alone; let her grieve the mistakes she made in the past life throughout the course of this one, and perhaps check yourself on a regular basis to make sure that you don’t end up making the same mistakes – after all, how would you like to spend eternity suffering for the sins of your past?”